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Don't wait until after you've paid for tinting services to find out if your film is darker than allowed by the state of Maryland. According to the MVA, on the subject of cars, "anything darker than 35% visible light transmission is ILLEGAL on all class A vehicles," and 50% solar film is the legal limit in Maryland. Also, all mirrored films are illegal. As for pickups and SUVs, 35% visible light transmission is the legal limit on the front doors, but you can go as dark as you want for the rears.

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Take a look at the window tinting rules for each of the 50 states and explore all of your automotive window tinting options, from glass color to percent of visible light transmission and more.

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When you follow the legal guidelines for tinting in Maryland, you will be very impressed with the results. Not only will your car, truck, or SUV look classier, it will also be more energy efficient, allowing you to save money in the long run on your energy costs by reducing your fuel consumption. You will be able to enjoy more privacy on the road as well.

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